The largest LoRaWAN smart meter deployment in the world – LOESK to install 400 thousand LoRaWAN-compatible electricity meters beginning this year

JSC “Leningrad regional power supply company” (LOESK) has announced plans to equip its facilities with 400 thousand electricity meters supporting the LoRaWAN long range, low power wireless communication protocol. The planned roll out of for all of the meters will be over the next four years. The agreement was signed in October, 2015 between LOESK and SPbZIP – the manufacturer of the measuring equipment.

JSC “Leningrad regional power supply company” (LOESK), is one of the major electricity enterprises in the Russian Federation and the second largest power supply company in the Leningrad region, will start installing meters supporting LoRaWAN this year.

The agreement signed between the power supply company and SPbZIP the manufacturer of the meters, details the supply to the LOESK facilities of the Vector-100, Vector-300 and CE2726A meters.
These meters have a good reputation at the market. They are adapted for use in energy consumption automatic control systems. They will be equipped with a LoRaWAN-compatible module developed by Ankom+, an electronic chip manufacturer in cooperation with the Global Internet of Things Network Operator, Lace. The module enables data transmission from the smart meter to “Politarif-A” – the system which LOESK uses for energy consumption accounting. In the near future, the electricity meters will also be integrated into the automated State Information System for the domestic utility service.

SPbZIP is the first manufacturer in the world that has launched to the market a LoRaWAN smart meter to record energy consumption. This technology is able to provide remote consumption readings from the meters with a simple network infrastructure due to the long range capability. It makes deployment of the smart meters and operation of the control system significantly more cost effective.

The smart meters will provide the advantages of an automatic system for resources accounting. Removing the need for customers to communicate their energy consumption, reducing the management and sales overheads and reducing costs for data collection. The complete system will ensure more transparency, more efficiency and will provide an improved service.

This year 1300 apartments in Saint-Petersburg will be equipped with the LoRaWAN smart meters. LoRaWAN connectivity will also be installed in other assets operated by the 14 LOESK branches in the Leningrad region (in total the company’s network covers 150 locations). The meters and assets are planned to be installed in new home builds and will now be used for the replacement of all of scheduled meter life-cycle upgrades.

In Russia since the beginning of 2015 LoRaWAN network connectivity has been provided by the Global operator Lace. Currently Lace LoRaWAN the networks are operational in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Innopolis, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Tver, Chelyabinsk and Yaroslavl. 30 million people live in 11.5 million apartments and private homes covered by the Lace LoRaWAN network.

“The Russian communal services industry is very interested in devices supporting the LoRaWAN-protocol, since this protocol enables ‘the Internet of things’ at a comparatively low cost. This implementation of LoRaWAN meters, delivering automated recording of energy consumption is just the first step to an improvement of communal services by means of detailed consumption analysis”,

– comments Igor Shirokov, the CEO of Lace.

About Lace company
The Lace company (Lace LLC) develops and operates a self-named secure, carrier grade wireless global’ Internet of Things’ network. The Lace engineers take an active role in work of LoRa Alliance committees. Members of this are such trustworthy companies as IBM, Semtech and other companies in the field of telecommunication, microelectronics, program development, system integration – from start-ups to multinational corporations. Thus, Lace makes a significant contribution to development of the Internet of things all over the world. The LoRa Alliance develops the LoRaWAN standard, which enables to send and receive small amount of data from “smart things”, for example, measuring sensors, alarm triggers, transport traffic trackers etc. This standard allows not only deploying wireless networks, but also making them energy-efficient.

About LOESK company
Joint stock company “Leningrad regional power supply company” (LOESK, JSC) was established August 30, 2004.
LOESK, JSC the second largest power supplying company in the Leningrad region is one of the major communal electricity enterprises in the Russian Federation. The company has 14 branches, supplying electricity to 150 locations in the Leningrad region.
Though the company is relevantly new it is already delivering major investment projects.
LOESK, JSC, being an institution consolidating investments, plays a special role in development of electricity industry of the Lenengrad region.