Consumption accounting becoming easier

Smart meters

What should be done so that house occupants wouldn’t overpay utilities, water and power suppliers could plan their loads, and cease to suffer losses over errors in accounts?

You can connect wireless communication modules, compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol, to water, electricity, heating and gas meters at the building and/or apartment levels. Further, you connect a tour metering computer system to the Lace system API and that’s it. Such a technology can function without the need for preventive measures for years.

How can property management companies and consumers benefit from it?
Let’s consider the example of water metering. In addition to metering precision we get: leakage alarm, misuse prevention, exclusion of the human-error factor when taking meter readings, etc.

With the Lace system, one can easily arrange automated energy audits of apartments, townhouses and office buildings. Most likely, one of our industry solutions in housing and utilities infrastructure can be made applicable to your tasks. Please feel free to contact us, and we will discuss your project with interest.