Power engineering

Lace-compatible sensors are saving water, hit and electricity

Internet of Things eliminates energy losses.

Integration of measuring sensors and executive devices connected to the Internet is capable of optimizing power consumption itself. “Smart communicators” are expected to be integrated shortly into all types of power-consuming devices (lamps, switches, TV sets, etc.) and will be able to communicate with power suppliers in order to organize optimal energy balance. Even now, such devices can be controlled remotely via cloud servers, using such functions as the scheduled startup and shutdown of this or that light or heating complex, for example.

The Thames Water company, which invested 5 billion pounds sterling into the development of the water supply of Great Britain, uses remote sensors (set on water mains) for online monitoring of pipes and water-purification mechanisms’ condition. It enables the company to carry out preventive replacements and repair in good time, preventing major failures. According to Thames Water, expenditures for repair work decreased by 30% and the number of sudden breakdowns – by 70%.

Today the Internet of Things finds its most logical use in the arrangement of so-called “smart grids,” since it enables the automation of a lot of operations in a single power supply, thus achieving efficiency and stability within it.

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