Russian LoRaWAN-operator Lace attended conference Internet of Things in Berlin

The Internet of Things Europe 2015 conference, held in Berlin in October 5-7 this year, gathered leading players of the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) market. The main purpose of the event was to establish partnership relations between companies that will facilitate faster development of the Internet of Things ecosystem and elaboration of monetization system for IoT services for business.

Special attention at the Internet of Things Europe 2015 was given to issues of long range and energy efficient wireless data transmission. Igor Shirokov, CEO of Lace, attended the event as a guest. According to Igor, IoT is at the stage of active origin so far. Cooperation with colleagues at the Internet of Things Europe 2015 confirmed that the Lace company current course of development is correct and in demand. Lace was well appreciated by Lora Alliance partners for active extension of the LoRaWAN network coverage territory. It should be mentioned that currently the network operates in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other twelve cities.

Internet of Things Europe 2015 Berlin